Our Story

The Founder & Creative Director of Sharpe is Leon Elias Wu, a trans masculine suit maker and designer. The company was named eponymously after their drag king performance name “Trey Sharpe”.

Since 2013, Sharpe Suiting has been helping brave individuals showcase exactly who they are. We know being yourself isn’t easy, so we’ve streamlined a process to help you feel like you. Our trademarked formula “Andropometrics” is used to design a look that will not only fit you but also match your unique style and identity.

Our design consultations began with friends, and through word of mouth, our queer-owned company grew to become a premiere suiting label in Hollywood. Sharpe Suiting has since been featured in Huffington Post, LA Times, Forbes.com, VICE, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Vanity Fair, Teen Vogue, BuzzFeed, and Fashionista. Our designs finessed NY and LA Fashion Week catwalks and have made appearances on red carpets at the Oscars, Emmys, and Cannes Film Festival. Through our successes and continued passion to serve the community who initially inspired us, we’ve been able to donate hundreds of suits to LGBTQ youth centers, non-profit fundraisers, colleges, and queer prom students across the country.

We are continually expanding to new cities, always evolving, always learning. Just like you. We’ve had the privilege and honor to see our clients elevate in all aspects of their lives through our bespoke experience. From picking individual buttons to finding the perfect blazer, we want everything to feel like you.

You on your wedding day, you at work, or you just having fun.

At Sharpe, We Fit You.

At Sharpe,
We Fit You

Sharpe is a Public Benefit Corporation. The specific public benefit to be promoted by the Corporation is to have a positive effect on, create opportunities for, and to support the LGBTQ community, women, and people of color through charitable channels.

Our Stylists

Korrigan Burton

Chicago, IL
Virtual design sessions available

I'm a vibrant, ambitious, sleepy genderqueer human working on making the world a better place one stitch at a time. I strongly believe it is everyone's right to feel good in their bodies and feeling good in your clothing is a big step towards that. Working for Sharpe has given me a chance to make so many people's suit dreams come true.

Brittany Monroe

New Orleans, LA
Virtual design sessions available

Highly skilled and creative fashion stylist, B. Monroe joins the Sharpe team! She is a sneaker enthusiast, fashion icon, and New Orleans native. B. enjoys inspiring, creating, and motivating others through the art of fashion. Her favorite fashion aesthetic is 80s Miami Vice mixed with 90s smart casual.

Camille Clavery

New York, NY
Virtual design sessions available

A Brooklyn native, I started my fashion journey at one of the most popular fashion events in the world - dressing models for many of the 7th on 6th - Mercedes Benz fashion week. I attended Fashion Institute of Technology where I was able to work on projects with other luxury brands - Bottega Veneta, Lanvin and Mugler to name a few. Fashion is a great way to have fun expressing yourself and I am dedicated to extending this feeling to my clients so they can look and feel their best.

Daffne Cruz

Orlando, FL
Virtual design sessions available

I believe in always choosing authenticity over acceptance in every capacity. As an androgynous model, I am eager to share #Sharpe with the world to promote inclusivity within the fashion industry. My goal is to provide you with the ultimate experience: to positively change your life by advocating for your authenticity.

Erika Merriweather

West Hollywood, CA
Virtual design sessions available

I believe in the transformative power of clothing and the beauty of aesthetics as a vehicle for personal expression and creativity. My goal is to curate ensembles that not only reflect personal style but also tell a captivating story.

Jess Turner

West Hollywood, CA
Virtual design sessions available

I’m a bubbly and ambitious Afro Latina who loves all things fashion. I truly aspire to make my clients feel confident and bold in their clothing. Here at Sharpe I’m a step closer to helping individuals make their fashion dreams come true. With my fashion expertise and determination let’s get you Sharpe today.

Tony Soto

West Hollywood, CA
Virtual design sessions available

Sharpe is important because we promote visual activism, help clients project how they want to present themselves to the world and although 'we fit you' is our motto because we are make gender-neutral suiting for anyone, we are inspired by the LGBTQI community and we were born out of meeting the needs of that community first and foremost. We at Sharpe are doing our part in the world to promote self-love and acceptance because nothing looks better on anyone than confidence and visibility.

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